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Feminine Practices

Home Birth Meant I was the most important person in the room

“The best experience in my life was having a home birth with my second child. The love for both my kids is the same of course but with my first birth I was in a hospital environment and they tried to control it all. Had it not been for my doctor knowing that I REALLY wanted a vaginal birth and telling the nurses to back off, nurses who were already prepping and throwing sterile clothes at my mom, they would’ve rolled me into an OR for an “emergency c-section”. I’m aware that it is necessary sometimes but in my case it wasn’t.

When I got pregnant the second I did go back and forth a bit on what I should do but remembering my first experience and being somewhat traumatized by it I knew that home birth was the right fit for me.  

Home birth to me was and still remains knowing I was the most important person in the room. It was knowing that my family (every person I wanted there) would be there if I needed them but I still had my own private place to go if I needed to be with myself. It was knowing that the one who ultimately made the decisions was me but I had my amazing birth team there to help guide me, not bark orders at me. It was freedom and control and the ability to surrender to my birth process in a place that I feel comfortable. Home.”    

 –Tatiana N.

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