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“Everyone has different comfort levels, and this arrangement turned out to be the best option for our family.”

Jennifer is a farmer, a nature-school teacher and a home birth mother of 2. She shares how she came to home birth after carefully weighing her options.

“To me Hospitals were always a place to go when you are seriously hurt and needed help. Thats’ what they are so good at, so why exactly did I have to birth my child none if I was healthy? I was never afraid of going to hospital if I actually needed medical intervention but I was extremely fearful of voluntarily going to the hospital to give birth, something that to me didn’t seem like a medical procedure and more of a life event. I also was fully aware that woman have been doing this since the beginning of time with and without any help. One thing that happened while pregnant and navigating the decision making process of what is right for my family,was that I learned about how fear can actually stop labor or slow it down, its kind of cool actually a relic from our caveman days, its a biological protection mechanism so if your in the woods giving birth and that mountain line shows up, you can temporarily stop laboring to get away, or something to that effect. And that bit of information was huge for me in finally making the decision to have my child at home with a midwife.What would it mean for me and my unborn baby if I was in the hospital paralyzed by fear? I realized that for birth to go forward as smoothly as possible the mother must be comfortable, and ready to fully let go to the process, a process that we know, that is in us, that has always been in us. And I knew that of me, In a hospital setting that would be next to impossible.

Lucky for me I have a very supportive husband and family that despite any differences of opinion, did not pressure me in making this decision. Like I mentioned earlier, I did however feel that there was a value in the hospital and I was willing to have my child in a hospital if It turned out that that was safer for me and my child. So we found a Gynecologist that we really trusted has my and the babies best interest in heart (Which for us was surprising harder to find than I would have imagined). Since I was living hours away from a hospital at the time, we moved our family for the month to a home just down the road from the hospital which I would transfer to in case of emergency. This was the best option for me, I had the peace of mind that I could be comfortable at home and labor and birth however I wanted, surrounded by family and friends, and the added peace of mind that in the event that any emergency came up I could quickly be in the loving hands of my competent Doctor. Everyone is different and has different comfort levels, and this arrangement turned out to be the best option for our family and in the end we never did end up having to go to the hospital and my daughter (eventually both) were born at home in a very peaceful, loving and calm environment. What more could I have asked for!”
-Jennifer S.