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Meet the Midwife

Hi! I'm Melissa.

I’m a midwife and herbalist and I’m here to help you deepen your relationship to yourself. I created this website to give you knowledge and tools to reclaim power in your feminine body.  I’ve had the pleasure of caring for hundreds of women and helping them understand and connect with their bodies, hormones, or birth.  I’ve learned how to empower women with information, understanding and simple tools. I have so much to share with you.

Everything I know about women, I learned from serving at their feet; from my wise teachers and mentors; from over a decade of study, and from my own experience birthing and raising 3 babies.  In my own life I am deeply committed to following my heart and instincts. As a care provider, I am committed to empowering women, helping them understand their bodies, and supporting them to connect and make the best decisions for themselves.

I Believe in Women

I practice the art of attuning a woman to her body's wisdom and abilities. Women are the best source of knowledge and intuition about their own bodies. My goal is to build a woman's confidence in her ability to feel, understand, trust and choose for herself. I do this by offering her respect, education, expertise, tools and support.

I Believe in Birth

The childbearing year is a time of transformation, growth, an opportunity to fall in love with yourself. It offers a reclaiming of your voice, confidence, and power. I trust the unique rhythm of each individual’s labor and I trust my client's ability to birth her baby.

I Believe in Connection

A mother is the only direct source of connection to her baby. Babies and mothers deserve to be connected as one, before during and after birth. I respect the mother's experience meeting her baby for the first time, and try to do everything in my power to keep that connection and moment as uninterrupted as possible.

I'm a Home-Birther, too

I'm also a surfer and an nature-lover. I had all 3 of my kids at home, 2 in a pool and 1 on the floor. I'm always outside in my garden. Most of the products in my shop originate from the healing plants in my backyard. I'm especially interested in tropical plants since I spent my early childhood in Jamaica, where plant medicine is used by almost everyone.

My Services

In addition to the online shop, courses and workshops, I also offer the following one-on-one services:

  • Hormones and Anatomy Coaching
  • individual phone coaching

    group workshops and retreats

    video courses

    balance hormones

    understand fertility and influencing factors

    natural birth control practices and options

    anatomy and endocrine education and experiences

  • Pregnancy Mentoring
  • $ 100 month
    • designed for women with OB’s
    • One-on-one mentoring
    • emotional aspects of the stages of pregnancy
    • understanding test options and results
    • balance and nourish your pregnacy
    • listening to your inner voice
    • preparing for birth
    • preparing for postpartm
    • common challenges to prepare for
    • common complaints
  • In-home Postpartum Care
  • $ 100 month
  • for hospital and birth center birth

    in-home postpartum visit

    lactiation support

    birth and pregnancy experience processing




    herbal bath

    warming tea

  • Home Birth
  • $ 100 month
    • Complete Maternity Care
    • Florida Licensed Midwife
    • All prenatal care and labwork
    • Referals to specialits
    • labor and birth managemnt and care
    • post partum care


I heard, seen and supported every single postnatal visit with Melissa. I felt like Melissa had no other obligation or care in the world except for my well-being. What a gift!

Maria mother to three

Melissa was a huge source of love and comfort for me. When my first child was born I was anxious, and she had a way of making me feel comforted that was otherworldly. She is magical. Her presence at the births of my first, second, and my third babies was transformative and helped me feel safe and empowered and ready to meet my babies.

Drew W. mother of three

Keeping Your Body at its Best.

Moon-time, Prenatal and Postpartum Care Kits created from the florals that I lovingly grow.

Contact Me

I’m available for a free consultation anywhere in the world.  Email me any questions you have, or let’s set up a time to meet on the phone.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


(305) 912-4534